Toxic Relationship #01

Dated 30-12-16

So many questions cross my mind. I felt torn by doubts and jealousy. Why was I feeling jealous, I did’t really know. All these words were just words of few syllables so far to me, jealousy, love, possessiveness, doubts, longing, etc. but now I was actually feeling some of these feelings. Where was I heading? There must have been other people too in her life. This thought drove me crazy, though I did not know why. Will I ever know?

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My Bullet Rani

My Bullet Rani

I was at my work when I saw her for the first time…… For a second I wasn’t sure if it was true, but the closer I stared the more I wanted to believe that this could not be a figment of my imagination. Yes!! She was riding a cruiser, wearing a black helmet and talking on a cell phone. I stood up from my desk and followed her with my eyes as much as I could through the window, but as I ran outside to see more of her, she was gone the moment I made it to the street….  As quickly as she had appeared. My afternoon of typing up resumes and looking for jobs on the internet was suddenly stimulated to life by a brief sighting of that  beauty …. Now what more could I have asked for? She could not be a day over twenties, her hair caressed the air like paper floating through the wind and her body was sculpted like a fine work of art. I had difficulty returning to my desk that afternoon because I wanted to see more. My heart rate was speeded up and suddenly I felt a sexual feeling that I had gone so long without. When I finally returned to my desk to resume my dreary task of looking for work- I was almost depressed by the thought that my Bullet Rani was forever gone.

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Last Letter

“U gave me that kind of feeling that I can now write a book on it”

Dearest Cutu,

            Maybe we were nevr meant to be together, Sadly!! But it’s true…., even though we always had something for each other but we nevr manager to get things right….

              So, my Dear…. I want you to take care of Urself, and do well in ur life….for I won’t be there anymore to support you or be there for you….

               I know it’s hurt!! Just thinking of not having you by my side……But when something’s are not meant to be…. They really are not….

                So, I guess I can’t force you to love me anymore….. Right Cutu 💔



My Addiction

Everytime I’m online I ofen try to be optimistic about the way in which internet seems to colonizing our mind and body. In it’s current state a massive change is taking place in our live and the ways in which we spend our time. Well! I have realize that at this point it may be an unavoidable change but as soon as previous generations and my generation die out, existing in these cyber world will be the normal. But I can not help but wonder if the paradox that most of us are experiencing at this point in our lives has enormous consequences for our personal freedom, our planet, our mental health, our physical health, our intimate and personal relationships, our imagination and so on….. It seems to be so that the more and more we are online the more and more we become isolated from all these things…. 

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2nd Year Anniversary on WordPress🎉🎉🎉

2nd Year Anniversary on WordPress🎉🎉🎉

Dated : 03-08-2016

This Morning I got a notified from WordPress that, I have completed two yrs of Blogging…


                 Wow!! I just completed 2 years of memorable blogging, It was really a wonderful journey for me through out this year……. I was introduced in to blogging, 4 years back, I first tried my hand on Google Blogger…..So, I started a small blog with ‘Poetry’ as a theme and as the web name. The blog was running f9, But once I had a software issue (I tried to use a custom theme) pinged on my system and eventually I had no other option but switch to WordPress ………  And this is how this Incredible Journey begin

                     So, This are some of my achievements so far in this world!!!

Total number of posts: 240

Categories: 14

Tags: 36

All time hits: 16,083

Comments: 1,994

Likes : 9123

Day I got the max views: 29th April 2016 (269 views)

Well, Now  I’m universally connected to many people around the world via this digital world, which can definitely be considered as one of the most prominent achievement I have achieve here. Few among them are too close to me after getting connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gtalk, and in short through few other messengers.

Chandani, Syeda, Nisha, Rose, Mazzy, Dhiraj, Akhila, Sumit, Daisy, Monica, Tanushree…etc…and the list go on and on. These are some of the names coming to my mind at first whenever I think about blogging. I’m obliged to have you all here, Folks.❤:)

Once again, I would like to thank all my fellow Bloggers, Friends and Dear Once for encouraging me all these days with Ur sincere likes & comments in my blog post!! I guess, sometime we run out of words to express our feelings through 2 or 3 words. You know, We ofen failed to express the exact human emotions well……………

Love U all,

Syed Ajaz Ahmed Nazir