Everything You Did……

Everything You Did……

I m sitting here thinking

of the words I want to say,
but they just won’t come out right!
so I found a different way
I got a piece of paper
and I wrote this poem for you,
but there’s no way to thank you
for everything you did!
For always being nice to me
and staying by my side,
& helping me fix my problems
and never leaving me behind
For accepting my thoughts and feelings,
though you do not understand,
for never giving up on me
and being my best friend!
For making me laugh
and letting me cry
and saying you’d miss me
if I were to die
Everything you mean to me
you could never know
In all the ways you’ve changed my life
I could never show
The way you take care of me,
you’re my shining star
and though it’s so incredible
that’s just the way you are
Before I get too senti
it’s time for me to go,
but before I leave this ink-filled page
there’s one thing you should know
As long as we are living,
no matter when or where,
if you ever need me
just give me a call and I’ll be there for you!
I want to dedicate this poem to my Best Friend of my School Days!


“Do you believe in God?”


The question strike me, as I was reading the morning news paper. The paper still had the, what I like to call as, ‘The Crunch Factor’. I had just woken up and was enjoying my hot Coffee and reading the newspaper this morning.

My head was buried in the newspaper reading about the success of MOM or Mars Orbiter Mission, making me a proud Indian. I looked up when he asked this question. I managed to make a sound from my mouth. “Ugghh??”

“I asked, do you believe in god?” My friend who lived with me in our apartment asked me this. He was his usual self, today morning, till he asked this question. He is not the kind of person who thinks much. He just kind of lives the day as it comes. Future plans don’t seem to interest him. He is much more of a ‘Live in the present’ person. Also, I must mention that he is a complete atheist. He has no faith in god. He believes that there is no destiny. What we do is what we get, that’s is attitude in a nutshell.

I gave back a thinking look to him. “Well, he surely must.” I said. “Otherwise who would think of making beautiful women for us!” A chuckle escaped my mouth.

He gave a light smile. ” I believe that God is a Man’s creation. If man didn’t exist, there would have been no one to start this concept.”

“I disagree. I think Man has the brains to identify that there is a superior being other than us. God was always there. You just need to see where he is. It is a question of belief as well.” I replied.

“If god were there then why hasn’t he or she or it has shown us the real form. I mean no one has seen god. Why is that? If god exist he must show a proof, right?” He argued back.

“Wrong. God exists and it has already shown through by creating this wonderful planet. It has shown creativity by creating this universe. Lets just say that it is a higher being whose existence is marked by the beginning of the universe. And all the stars and galaxies that are existing shows that it is there. I mean something must have triggered life in this universe. Something greater than the universe itself. What I am trying to say is that, Creator of this universe is God.” I replied back. I was hoping that this would maybe subdue the conversation about god. It is a very personal matter of opinion.

He didn’t answer back right away. It seemed to me as that he had started to think about something. I started to wonder what made him ask this question. I was looking at him. His body language was different today.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

He looked up. He looked a wee bit startled. Maybe I interrupted his thought train. He blinked at me a couple of times. And then he said, ” I had a weird dream last night.”

“What??”  I asked and sat up straight. Some thing was bothering him. I wanted to know what.

“I think I saw God in my dream. It’s quite weird, but I am sure of it.” He said. He had this air of uneasiness around him.

I got curious. ” Really?? How did you know that it was God??” I asked.

“You said it is a question of belief. I think I believe that it was god.” He replied.

“But you don’t believe in god .?? A belief as strong as yours changed with in one night and all it took was a dream??” I asked him.

I knew I was needling him far more than I should have. But I was curious to know what happened. This guy was a strong atheist. All his life, he was like this. And one night changed it all. This was quite incredulous. I was definitely interested.

He kept quite. He was still thinking about something. He finally replied, ” I saw some one die in dream. Some one very close to me. I felt very sick. I was crying. And I had this uncontrollable feeling that every thing was going wrong.”

I kept looking at him. “Then ???”

“I was feeling that I had lost everything in life. And there was no hope. Then suddenly from somewhere, some one touched me. Some one put his hand behind my back. And it felt great. Suddenly I felt good. I needed support and the touch healed me. I started to grow more confident. I suddenly knew that everything was going to be all-right.

When I woke up, I realized that it had to some one much superior to human. Some one who took all my pains away, and gave me the power to look at difficulties and come up victorious.”

I kept looking at him. I knew what had happened. I had the answer. But looking at his face, his confidence, and his new faith in god, I decided to keep quiet.

” I am glad that you felt that it was god. It is nice to hear it from you.” I said, smiling.

The matter ended there.

What had happened last night was, my friend in his sleep was obviously having a bad dream. And he was making all sort of weird noises in the middle of the night. I had woken up due all this noise. Just to calm him down, I went up to him and touched him on his back and slowly gave him a reassuring hold on his back. He became quiet the next instant and began sleeping peacefully again!!

I wish i could tell u !!!!

my wish
I wish I could tell you
How does it feel
In my prison, when at night
I wait for the moon- to embrace me
I wait for a bath
In her blue light floating on the floor
It creates mortal reflections
Circles, triangles, quadrangles
Magic of perfect geometry on the walls
And the optimist in my dream wonders
If I could give my life a shape
Like this- perfect, almost!
Would it keep you here
Beside me, a bit more?
I wish I could tell you
How does it feel
In my life, when at night
I wait for another dream
Where waves of such virgin blue light
Bring you here, at my shore!

Its a Boy Thing – Effects of Love :-P <3


Well it started one morning on a rainy day. The college buildings were half wet and half dry; a beautiful sight, there was this sweet smell of wet sand, drops of water on leaves which sprinkle down on you when you shake the tree. I was walking through a corridor next 2 the Assamese department on the way 2 my department. I was sent 2 meet my HOD for throwing chalk on an irritating staff. “Dude stop”, one of my friends’ interrupted me, “Don’t irritate us with description of leaves, trees and their barks, come to the girl directly”. I started. My eyes fell upon a pair of pipette and burette, or rather the girl holding it. Her lovely eyes were watching the drops of liquid falling from the burette intently, her heavenly face was getting anxious on seeing the professor nearing her table.
My heart fluttered as a smile broke on her face after an appreciation from him, the most beautiful smile my eyes had ever seen. The dimples on her cheeks were like blackholes to me, they were sucking me out of this world. My eyes had seen their most beautiful woman. I dragged myself to the HOD’s room. When I came out I was wondering about the feminine voice of my HOD, the dimples he had. I smiled; effects of love. Someone patted my back and asked why I had barged into the CSE HOD’s room as I was from ECE. She was a hot tempered lady. I grinned broadly, effects of true love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the third time I saw her this week. Every time I saw her, I was hearing a beautiful symphony in the background. I felt she looked at me and smiled, but then girls are like paintings; they seem to stare at you from which ever angle you look at them. I saw her in the canteen, in the mess, in the library, every available place on the campus. I decided it was time to talk.

One morning I came early to the college for practice and I saw her alone walking along our department corridor behind me. Suddenly she walked fast towards me (my heart raced) and asked, “where are your bunch of friends who keep on
playing some symphony behind you when both of us nearby?”
Oh god! And she kept talking. She said, “I liked you very much the moment I saw you in the college”. I stared at her with my eyes wide open. She continued, “I would like to be friends with you if you would not mind. And by the way do you know my name”.
I shook my head saying a no.  She extended her hand for a shake and said, “My name is …………….”

It suddenly started raining and I was out there jumping in joy. I was the happiest person in the planet that day. And suddenly….. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!

“A**hole get up, and pouring water on me while I was dancing. It is time to go to college”.

I woke up and thought about talking to her today…….

What’s wrong with the Rose!

Young man proposing a woman at the park

Well here I m again with one more story from my college diary.

I was waiting for someone in my college lobby. When I got the attention of a boy rushed towards two girls (junior) standing nearby notice board.

The girl said “Why don’t you understand, I don’t want to be your friend. I can’t accept it. Leave us alone” and strictly denied to accept the rose. The boy replied in his tone “ARE LE LIJIE NA, HAMARA ME NA BURAI HAI, FULWA ME KAUN BURAI HAI” (Please accept it, I may be a bad guy but what’s wrong with the flower).The boy proposed a girl for friendship and she denied; the boy kept on insisting for about 15 minutes. Finally I decided to intervene to rescue girls but before I could move, the boy said sorry to the girl and left. I stopped at my place. Suddenly the boy returned to the girl and gave her a rose with a humble appeal.

And to my surprise she accepted the rose…………….