“Why this Kolaveri di“?


During my college life our group use to take resort in canteen than in college and I joined them to share my tragedy. We use 2 look at the girls who use to come to the canteen. Every girl seemed to be the most beautiful one until the next one came. The greatest of the myths is that when your friend tells you that a girl is staring at you and strangely, you start to feel the same too. A beautiful girl staring at you is as good as feeling that the Katrina Kaif’s poster in your room, looking at you. No matter in which corner of the room you are, you feel that she is looking at you (Try, to experience). It happened so that one girl came to the counter and after a while started gazing at me. I was having a rough day but this incident pacified a little. Adding to it, she started walking towards me and said “Excuse me “. Startled to the core, I replied” yesss”. But life had other plans, those next words from her, killed me almost. And she said” have change for Rs.500? “. The feeling that why doesn’t the earth open its mouth and eat me occurred. While my friends were laughing like crap, I asked my life silently

“Why this Kolaveri di“?


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