Road Side Romeo!


She was in front of me, across the road. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, but my friends don’t agree, It has been more than a years; we hav been looking each other, or I can say I was looking at her. “Why should I need language, if we can talk with our eyes? “I thought. “I hardly know her name” then someone shouted, I don’t know from where. “Go ahead, she is alone, at least say hello” the voice repeated. “Yes, at least I can say hello”, But I can’t put my eyes off her. Showing a great determination I kept my first step towards her. But suddenly the earth became smooth, like cream. As if I will fall down. A strange smell filled my senses. “Oh yuck, I hate cows, I will sue people who left their cows on street” I shouted. “Hell, my shoe smells like cow dung” Next few minutes were wasted in cleaning the shoe. I looked up; she was still there thanks to the person, for whom she was waiting. I looked at her hairs floating in air, as if crackles in the sky. I was feeling like walking on a beach on new year eve, in fact I was able to hear a bang too. Then I saw some people started running towards a biker, who was sitting on the road, his bike inside one of the shop. Then Someone shouted “catch that $#@&…” showing his finger towards me. But before anyone could notice me I had crossed the road and was in front of her. She saw me. I knew she knows me; after all I have spent more than a years looking at her. I decided to go ahead, I gave her a smile, but she didn’t. I said ‘hi’, she didn’t. I felt like she was a bit shy or she is afraid if I will directly propose. She started walking away. I tried to stop her by saying; I just wanted to say ‘hi’. She stopped; she turned, this time with a smile and comfort. I felt happy that she understood my feelings. I walked towards her and stood just a foot away from her. She gave a smile and also a strange hint that I was not able to understand. Than all of a sudden, something hit me. My left eye send a message to my brain, which got translated into pain. My ears also send a message to brain, which got translated as “stay away from her”. I was left alone on the street. With my single open eye, I saw her moving away with someone on a bike. I took out my phone and called a friend, narrated the story and asked him to take me home. A huge laugh on the other side of the phone. He said “Didn’t I tell you, she is having a boyfriend? OoOPz


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