What’s wrong with the Rose!

Young man proposing a woman at the park

Well here I m again with one more story from my college diary.

I was waiting for someone in my college lobby. When I got the attention of a boy rushed towards two girls (junior) standing nearby notice board.

The girl said “Why don’t you understand, I don’t want to be your friend. I can’t accept it. Leave us alone” and strictly denied to accept the rose. The boy replied in his tone “ARE LE LIJIE NA, HAMARA ME NA BURAI HAI, FULWA ME KAUN BURAI HAI” (Please accept it, I may be a bad guy but what’s wrong with the flower).The boy proposed a girl for friendship and she denied; the boy kept on insisting for about 15 minutes. Finally I decided to intervene to rescue girls but before I could move, the boy said sorry to the girl and left. I stopped at my place. Suddenly the boy returned to the girl and gave her a rose with a humble appeal.

And to my surprise she accepted the rose…………….


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