I wish!

I wish!

I Wish that I Could Cause the Sun
To Warm the World with Love
Remove the Clouds a Moment
To Reveal the Stars Above.

I Wish that I Could Wipe that Tear
From the Corner Of your Eye
Bring Happiness For Your Sorrow
Bring a Smile For Your Sigh.

I Wish that I Could Better Things
Put Hope Within Your Heart
Make Today the Best you’ve Had
Right From Its Very Start

I Wish that I Were Able
To Make Your Dreams Come True
I wish I Could – I Wish I Could
Do All These Things For You !!

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I came to ur city, but can’t reach ur heart,
I had always wanted my life, to be ur part.
I have been destiny’s child, going where life took me,
Yet you were the only person, whom I want to see.
I sit outside your door, hoping you would come out,
To see what I have become, in your love’s.
Waiting for you to invite me into your life,
And be your friend, lover and life.
I know, in your love, I have become hungry and foolish,
And there is not much in life that I wish.
May be a normal job n own some money,
But should have a plenty of time to spend with you…………..



Diwali or the Festival of light is celebrated all over India, it signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

Diwali is known for its lighting-up every corner of the house with diyas and candles. Filling the house with light and opening the doors and windows also signifies, welcoming the goddess Lakshmi to the house especially during the puja hours.

People use to decorated their houses with diyas and candles for the festival, although traditionally ‘earthen lamps’ lit with oil and cotton wicks are also widely used. For outdoor decorations, colorful strings of electric lights and rows of diyas adorn their houses.

People make beautiful Rangoli in India involving a lot of fun, creativity and hard work. Rangolis are paintings made on the floor with either colorful sawdust, flowers, rice-grains or chalk. The designs are mainly symbolic of the festival such as footprints of goddess Lakshmi, floral patterns, shankh and geometric patterns made by joining dots and lines.

But today things are changing, the way Diwali was celebrated before. During my schooldays we use see sweets use to be exchange, people use to buy gift for others……. But now people don’t exchange sweets or gift, but one thing which have not yet change is the use of firecrackers 2 celebrate Diwali………

In India we like 2 adopt new culture, fashion, or whatever it may be……. So this Diwali, I thought of doing something new, so i told myself no more crackers, instead I bought a gift for mother with that money……..

Happy Diwali

Be Safe n Say no 2 Crackers………….


Wow It’s Liebster!!

Wow It’s Liebster!!

I would like to thank Sandhya Mam http://indfused.wordpress.com/

4 nominating me for the Liebster Award! It really a great honour 4 me to be nominated. Once again Thank you very much………

Here are my 11 random facts about me –

  1. I m a guy, with lovable nature.
  2. I like 2 do things which I like.
  3. Drawing is my hobby.
  4. I like travelling, n search new places.
  5. I m good in expressing my feelings in words
  6. I love reading Books……..
  7. I spend quality time with my friends n family
  8. I m damn serious towards relationship.
  9. I lov music, but nevr tried singing…..
  10. Lastly I m a techno freak!!
  11. Itz impossible to tell everything about me…


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    Here are my 11 answers to your questions –

    1. Sweet
    2. Rainy
    3. Spain
    4. Yes
    5. Relaxed n peaceful
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Drawing
    9. Cracking joke on friends
    10. Spring Valley Tezpur
    11. Just a few close ones


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    5. What is ur purpose of life?
    6. What ur hobby?
    7. What’s your favourite colour?
    8. What three positive words describe you or want to be known as?
    9. Name one thing that hate about yourself and you want to change?
    10. The most precious gift you even got???
    11. One piece of advice you’d like to give me ?

Please Forgive Me…..


I was wrong…..
Please forgive me, and let’s start a new.
You means a lot to me.
I’m so sorry my blunder hurt you.
Though your memory may bring it back up,
Won’t you please try to put it away?
I’ll be tactful and sensitive now;
I’ll think of your needs every day.
Let’s go on with our lives as we were;
I’d take it all back if I could.
Let’s focus on positive things;
What we have is important and good.

The Silver Jubilee Celebration

The Silver Jubilee Celebration

Well…today I was invited 2 my school “Sacred Heart” which is celebrating its Silver Jubilee function. It is almost 9 years that I m officially visiting my school, although I had been there a couple of times in between.

It feels great to be part of the silver jubilee function of my school. Let me take you back to the year 1993 when I joined this school for LKG (lower kindergarten). The school started with a building with just a handful of students…..

I don’t remember much about my early day, but I can say that it was a unique experience some good some bad!…. After joining the school, I continued all the way for 12 long years till 2005 till my 10th standard…I can say that I grew up along with the school!

I know that it was “Teacher’s day” a month ago. On this occasion, I would like to thank all my teachers, the Principal and resource persons right from day 1 till 2005 in this school and to all those in the other institutions I went to, for their encouragement and support.

I am glad to have contributed my bit to the school.

One more thing I wanted to talk was about an ‘alumni meet’. It would be good to have an alumni group or website or ‘alumni meet’ probably once in a year or twice in a year, where we could all get together, share our experience and thoughts; and interact actively with the school…….

I think that’s all I wanted to say. I Thank you for inviting me.

Special Thanks to Sister Christopher (Principal),

Mufty Sir, Madhumita Mam, Geeta Mam, Asim SirJpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

In search of my Friend……………

In search of my Friend……………
Thousand thoughts cross my mind
I search for a friend
But you are nowhere to be found;
I sit hopeless, crying
Praying to God
For that one positive thought
A thought in which you emerge from my tears;
Through the rainbow in the sky
Doves start to fly;
With the warmth of an angel
You touch my soul
Free it of darkness;
You clear my vision
Free me of my own prison;
But then a light crosses my face
Blurring my thoughts, disturbing my prayer;
I open my eyes and smile
I prayed to God for a friend
A soul with whom I can laugh, cry and share
God answered my prayer;
In a distant place underneath the rainbow
Like an angel full of care;
You where standing there!

Life going to remain the same for forever………….

Life going to remain the same for forever………….

I stood in the long line for First Year admissions, sweating under the scorching sun when I saw her for the first time. She looked fresher than the morning dew, prettier than the mellow sun. I wondered what her name was and was she applying for the same course as me? Would she be in my class? Was she committed? (She was hooked to her phone since last half an hour) And ya what was her name?

Well I was just an average guy who considered him to be below average or sometimes above average so in short if we take the average then I would be considering myself average on average, a statistical tool I was only able to remember out of the many which went above my head. I was fat enough to be called as healthy, dark, well built and not handsome owning to some special facial features inherited from my not so pretty looking parents.

Studies were never my forte, I hated maths and used to wondered who had seen the 2 hydrogen and one oxygen atom in water but it were the real things that caught my eyes, the mighty mountains, drifting clouds, shady greens and all the beauty and calm nature had in store for her seeker.

My parents (as good looking as me) were mighty proffessionals with a series of degrees on their business cards and a business consultancy firm to which they groomed me. as prince (I was hardly anywhere prince charming if u imagining, nor do I ride a white horse),infect I was more nearer to the clumsy, gangly, shy and timid guy next door. The only thing I used to say was haanji when something asked or ordered of me to do.

When in life you live is someone else dream it fills you with a void and to fill a void you need something. Some resort to alcohol, some to cigarettes, some to porn, drugs or some prefer to just let life pass away watching TV soaps. .I was neither daring enough to try out the addictive nor lazy enough to watch my life waning in front of a box. Thanks to my dominating parents I could hardly do anything I loved so I filled my void with GIRLS, girls from school, from collage, from tuition classes, from neighborhood. Everywhere and anywhere I found a pretty girl I would try my chances on to her. I changed schools, joined classes and even changed my city to Mumbai just because I had heard their pretty girls here.

Collage started soon and sooner I got to know her name, Saybanti Bose, I quickly figured out she was a bong. The next thing I did was download a Bengali ringtone and dialed a fake call with her near in the corridor. My trick worked it caught her attention in my fourth attempt, she asked tumi ki bongali??(are you Bengali?) I answered kemon acho (how are you?, it was the only line I had picked up from a bengali friend specially for the the occasion) she gave me a sweet roshgulla smile and I was in love with her ( now that’s what I thought)..

We eventually started talking . .then chatting on fb . . Then texting and then what happened what ALWAYS HAPPENED WITH ME, she eventually lost interests and then with her repeated ignorances I happened to be too.

Its an old Arab saying-What happens once only happens once but what happens twice happens again. Just the way it happened with Neha, Miya and Sumi in school the same happened with Sima, Gunwanti and Rashmi in collage. While my parents put me on intern in their office and the best days of my life started turning worse. I couldn’t pass a minute at work without yawning and my poor results in 3rd. Attempt at CAT. Made things worse and made me feel useless. With girls too I was not getting much progress though I talked to every girl in class and had her number.

It was the month of April, I was just out of my collage exams and the work load in office was at its peak .suddenly my head started spinning as if it had lost its weight, darkness blurred my eyes and Thud, I collapsed.

I was taken to the nearest clinic and with diagnosed with hypertension level II. The news devastated me, it meant I could die before 50.

Ab ladki pata na to dur, I didn’t even know if I would live enough to see myself growing old. Life lost its charm, I started getting late to class, late to office and anything stressful used to make me giddy.

It’s said happiness and good times in this world worth living 100 live but actually it’s the bad times and awareness of death which teaches us the best lessons and makes us wise. I turned to God, used to pray in morning, in office, in collage, everywhere and anywhere I got a chance to. Prayers became my only refuge.

I was on way to collage while I chanced to see a place called Shrine of Mother of the Forsaken, It was a oasis of peace, a church adjacent to the lush green military engineering collage, I had seen it a hundred times but never dared to enter. It was quiet inside and serene with presence of Gods grace inside.

I prayed, I prayed and I prayed. I desperately needed a signal something to change my life, guide me something like shore for a lost boat, shade and water for a lost out in desert, caught in storm called life.

That night just before sleeping my mobile buzzed, I had received text from an unknown number-

Stop searching for love, you will find it when you start doing things you lov……………….

Do u really exist!

Do u really exist!
I don’t know you but I believe
you exist somewhere
I find you near but you are
still out of reach to me, out-there
I can see your face in my dreams
but I cant get your eyes, nose and lips appear
I can smell you but I cant find you!
I can feel the breeze flowing through,
your long, dark, dusky hair but I cannot touch it
like it is a visible non matter layer
I can hear you whispering to me
but I cannot receive your words to my ears….
Every night in my dreams  you are with me
but sooner after that I need to peer,
when I am in bed and when the sun is near..
When I see pairs, sunk deep, overwhelmed.
I see us together, in them, fully framed
But in just next moment, I realize we haven’t met yet
I see us together in the characters of act,
protagonists of a movie set or even the songs I play
but sooner I find myself trapped within my visionary array
I miss u like mates even I don’t know a little bout your trait
I talk to stars and
hope you would be talking like this to me
I write weaved words and
hope you would be reading it perpetually
I walk strange roads and
hope you would be walking towards me
You may be not here with me
but i try to feel you with me in possibility
Just a little thought of you make my dreams feel better feel better
And your impeccable lighted shadow in dreams
makes my soul illuminate
Just weaved dreams for us I have till day, but cloudy
Expressing it in vital words with blend of emotions,
trying to fit my little world in it, slow and steady
I guess I have fallen for you and I love you already…