I don’t know you but I believe
you exist somewhere
I find you near but you are
still out of reach to me, out-there
I can see your face in my dreams
but I cant get your eyes, nose and lips appear
I can smell you but I cant find you!
I can feel the breeze flowing through,
your long, dark, dusky hair but I cannot touch it
like it is a visible non matter layer
I can hear you whispering to me
but I cannot receive your words to my ears….
Every night in my dreams  you are with me
but sooner after that I need to peer,
when I am in bed and when the sun is near..
When I see pairs, sunk deep, overwhelmed.
I see us together, in them, fully framed
But in just next moment, I realize we haven’t met yet
I see us together in the characters of act,
protagonists of a movie set or even the songs I play
but sooner I find myself trapped within my visionary array
I miss u like mates even I don’t know a little bout your trait
I talk to stars and
hope you would be talking like this to me
I write weaved words and
hope you would be reading it perpetually
I walk strange roads and
hope you would be walking towards me
You may be not here with me
but i try to feel you with me in possibility
Just a little thought of you make my dreams feel better feel better
And your impeccable lighted shadow in dreams
makes my soul illuminate
Just weaved dreams for us I have till day, but cloudy
Expressing it in vital words with blend of emotions,
trying to fit my little world in it, slow and steady
I guess I have fallen for you and I love you already…

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