Well…today I was invited 2 my school “Sacred Heart” which is celebrating its Silver Jubilee function. It is almost 9 years that I m officially visiting my school, although I had been there a couple of times in between.

It feels great to be part of the silver jubilee function of my school. Let me take you back to the year 1993 when I joined this school for LKG (lower kindergarten). The school started with a building with just a handful of students…..

I don’t remember much about my early day, but I can say that it was a unique experience some good some bad!…. After joining the school, I continued all the way for 12 long years till 2005 till my 10th standard…I can say that I grew up along with the school!

I know that it was “Teacher’s day” a month ago. On this occasion, I would like to thank all my teachers, the Principal and resource persons right from day 1 till 2005 in this school and to all those in the other institutions I went to, for their encouragement and support.

I am glad to have contributed my bit to the school.

One more thing I wanted to talk was about an ‘alumni meet’. It would be good to have an alumni group or website or ‘alumni meet’ probably once in a year or twice in a year, where we could all get together, share our experience and thoughts; and interact actively with the school…….

I think that’s all I wanted to say. I Thank you for inviting me.

Special Thanks to Sister Christopher (Principal),

Mufty Sir, Madhumita Mam, Geeta Mam, Asim SirJpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg


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