Diwali or the Festival of light is celebrated all over India, it signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.

Diwali is known for its lighting-up every corner of the house with diyas and candles. Filling the house with light and opening the doors and windows also signifies, welcoming the goddess Lakshmi to the house especially during the puja hours.

People use to decorated their houses with diyas and candles for the festival, although traditionally ‘earthen lamps’ lit with oil and cotton wicks are also widely used. For outdoor decorations, colorful strings of electric lights and rows of diyas adorn their houses.

People make beautiful Rangoli in India involving a lot of fun, creativity and hard work. Rangolis are paintings made on the floor with either colorful sawdust, flowers, rice-grains or chalk. The designs are mainly symbolic of the festival such as footprints of goddess Lakshmi, floral patterns, shankh and geometric patterns made by joining dots and lines.

But today things are changing, the way Diwali was celebrated before. During my schooldays we use see sweets use to be exchange, people use to buy gift for others……. But now people don’t exchange sweets or gift, but one thing which have not yet change is the use of firecrackers 2 celebrate Diwali………

In India we like 2 adopt new culture, fashion, or whatever it may be……. So this Diwali, I thought of doing something new, so i told myself no more crackers, instead I bought a gift for mother with that money……..

Happy Diwali

Be Safe n Say no 2 Crackers………….



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