Not a soul can hear me;
When I’m alone,
Not a soul can see the tears;
Crawling down my eyes;
When I’m alone,
I live inside of me;
Trying to let go;
But every time I try to laugh;
Someone pulls me down;
Killing my feelings;
Which I know to be pure;
For this confession;
I know there’s no cure;
Not a soul sees me;
When I’m alone,
I need an angel;
To lift me up from these bad dreams;
I’ve been living this life;
Running from the pain, I’ve felt for so long;
I’ve been wishing everyday;
Praying every night;
For this feeling to end;
Love is not a feeling for me;
I hate to love;
Because people love to hate;
Not a soul knows if I’m alive;
When I’m alone,
I know one day I will die;
While I’m alone…
PS Photo Credit : Google

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