My definition of love… is different from the book

My definition of love ……is more than just a look

Love is more than a word more than any song, or note

Love is more than a poem more than anything i’ve wrote

Love is reaching out to touch someone to be sure that they’re there

Love is looking into her eyes and whispering in her ears

Love is embracing when she cries and catching all her tears

Love is the warmth shared between hugs when everything else is cold

Love is knowing they’ll still be there when everything else is old

Love is hearts beating faster and faster while everything else is slowed down

Love is singing sweet songs to her even if hundreds are around

Love is driving through the rain to help someone through tough times

Love is me wishing that you’ll love me too wishing you’d be mine

Love isn’t just holding hands

Love is holding hearts

Love isn’t where it ends….

Love is where it starts…

PS Photo Credit:: Google……….


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