When I see you feeling so empty,
I just want to hold you close to me,
Wipe those tears of fear from your eyes,
Wishing you could see your beauty.
Its clear to me that you’re hurt,
A thought that tortures me inside.
I wish to take away your pain,
But that request has been denied.
I’ll stand by your side forever,
Till death tears me away from you,
I’d never leave you willingly,
My love will always remain true.
Give me your sorrow, pain, and fear,
I would gladly bear them for you,
One like you does not deserve them,
In sympathy my heart bleeds too.
Listen to me and please believe,
You’re beautiful as none can be,
Yet you give of yourself freely.
Be strong and know that you are loved,
Your trust I could never betray,
I do hold you close to me…………
I promise it will be okay.

PS:: Photo Credit : Google


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