Mercy has no space!

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How do you feel by seeing these images above? Does anyone of you can guess, what does the image depicts? As soon as you see the image, what comes to your mind? Let me tell you about it. In the above pictures, around 5000 innocent buffaloes are slaughtered in the name of the ritual that would bring good luck and prosperity.

In Nepal, there is a festival called “Gadhimai” celebrated once every five years where the worshippers of Nepal and India visit the holy deity and sacrifices  animals, birds and offer their prayers to God of power “Gadhimai”. It is believed that such sacrifice would bring prosperity and good luck in their life.


I respect every religion, but, can anyone explain me, How killing the innocent animals can bring happiness,  comfort and wealth in someone’s life? How can one such sacrifice can help bring good luck in someone’s life? How…

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