Why this curse is not leaving me??
Am i one only with this, doomed!!
Why i always loose the things i love??
why they choose others as their beloved.
Am i lacking basic sign of significance
Or its just me who is not significant enough..
How far i have to walk lonely, astray??
How long i have to move crawled and fray??
When is the apocalypse launching at its bay??
When i will flee to this incarcerated blaze??
Is it automated or I have to be slayed??
I am loosing air,that’s leaving me away…
Oh god, show me where is my light
when everybody got their luminance
but i am still in the dark, in fight
When is the rise for my night?
where is my sun, where is all the bright?
I’m lurked in the middle of nowhere
there is nobody here to hold me tight
Have you forget to look for me
or its just your another testing kite.
But my lord, this kite is scratching my soul
A soul which always been your loyal haul
I’ve been honest for the path you had planned
but at the end of each day i can barely stand
Still hoping for the best that you will provide
I am not betrayer, I’m on your side.
Oh please, inject some morphine in my veins
Atleast that could neutralize my pain…..

PS Photo Credit :: Google………..


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