17 December 2009: I was, lost forever, trapped and without a choice, but 2 holding my head in one hand and the ring on the other. Crying my heart out but I could not produce a sound. All hopes were lost. The tears in my face were covered by the rain drops. I was the one who always told her that I never wanted anyone to see me cry. But then now I wish she would open her eyes at least to see me cry and tell me not to cry……

I dint hav words 2 express myself 4 what I had done. She was the only one I had in my life n now I was alone. Left all alone once again. Yes I had told her that loneliness was something that I loved but now I felt that she could hav been there with me 2 share this loneliness. Even my ego, my pride my aim, my achievements had left me alone. Now I know what being lonely meant. The fair face was because she was having, blood cancer. She was not able to come but still did just because I had asked her to. She had become thin not because of her gym but because she was not well. It was weak not thin. The thud while on the call was because she had fainted. N I failed 2 notice that. Despite all that she had come just 2 make me happy n what did I do? Hurt her, irritate her, n kill her.


PS:: Photo Credit :: google


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