Hi guys 🙂 First of all I wish you all a very prosperous new year……

Well,  this post of mine may irritate you a lot…..,

It has become obvious and common in everyone’s life we definitely has faced a lot of years and obviously every year would have a January 1. Oh yeah!! thatz a new year.

We often face a position in our life when we ask ourselves these(or atleast .01% close to these) kind of questions,
Have you ever
->been to a party when yu often thought noone would notice if you were missing?
->Looked some one in the eye and told them how dumb and stupid they were?
->Slapped a stranger on purpose and said,”oh sorry i thought you were my friend because yu looked so similar to him.” and repeat it?
->Walk in to a couple’s room knowing they are making out and say,”eeeshk get a room”
->Stand on a foot board of an empty bus, and when the conductor says,”yu useless piece of shit come up and get in, if yu die my family goes to street.” yu say,”if yu want yu come outside yu lazy piece of crap and besides yu have a family? Ok that gives me a hope that i definitely would get married.”
->now you re thinking why are yu still reading this?

Well if you have done none of this then stop reading now(please dont, just an attitude attempt)
If yu have done atleast done one of those, then think. Think how happy you felt at that moment(ofcourse if you were not beaten up later on)

It has practically got nothing to do with this post except for the fact that all these things are considered to be fun. And i bet anyone that you can do these things on any day of the year. So the question is, why such a hype about new year? Lets face it, the old traditional reasons are so long dead and gone. Well it was actually because a solar calendar developed by Julius Ceaser in some B.C period and in that January 1st was said to be the completion of one revolution. And clearly we are not celebrating for that reason. Its for fun, thats all it is. Nothing new about the new year except for a number change in the date we use.

So the things that mostly happen on a new years eve, or the december month maximum are New release of movies, lot of hype about all the planning for the year, Celebrities and politicians on TV for no obvious reason, shaking hands, New(but mostly dumb) movies on TV channels,
no TV soaps
for house wives- damn 😦 no soap
for the youth- Another day to relax
For old people- yeah whatever

a Holiday
For working people- Finally a holiday
For college students
-> boys- damn a holiday, just catch a movie or something, ask the girls if they are coming
-> Girs- crap girls, its a holiday the guys would probably be waiting for us to go for a movie with them lets have some fun by making them wait { seriously what is wrong with you :/?} eventually the guys go alone and later the girls blame them for not taking them along.

More or less these are few of the things that happen on a new year or days close to it. Everyone knows that its nothing big except for the holiday and the hype. They just don wanna admit it because its fun. Overrating things is what it should be called. Hey its just another day. If you think about it there are some people who have the feeling that if something goes wrong on new year, the who year is gonna collapse for them. Many other Superstitious reasons as well.

New years day or eve january 1st is just another day we go through. Every month has a new day, every day has a new hour every hour has a new minute and it keeps going on. Life goes on it does not refresh just because its a new year. Things still happen and time still goes on. Being a social animal, we humans just overrate it to be a very High day in every year. If you give this rating to every second of your life, imagine how fabulous your life would be….
New years day or eve january 1st is just another day we go through.

PS :: Photo Credit :: google……………….


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