200 Day of Silence Part – II

200 Day of Silence Part – II

The feeling of being with her – makes him feel so special – that he forgets everything in the world. He leaves aside all his work just to spend few seconds with her. He might end up travelling from corners of the world shelling out every penny in his pockets – just to see that smile on her face. He is still unaware of her thoughts for him but he doesn’t cares for him – it doesn’t matters – all that matters is that sweet smile on her face for him. For once when he used to feel jealous of the guys who hit on her and are now with her as friends – she values their friendship despite knowing that the fact that they committed a mistake. His respect for her grows multi-fold and he sees himself fall in love day in day out. He spends the rest of his night glued to his cell phone to hear her sweet voice in his ears which eventually echoes in his mind and heart 24/7 he finds it so difficult to sleep at nights because of all the thoughts keep pouring his mind. As time passes on – he finds himself checking out her pics, finding new ways to tell her that how special she is for him – to bridge the gap of friendship to a relationship – a relationship which is way to special than anything in the world for him.

Well, its a story of a guy who was confused with his life. He didn’t know how to find peace, Well even though he kept running 4m his past which kept hunting him, he was trying to find someone to share his feelings, his thoughts, n his emotions. But in all of his attempts he continuously failed to find 0ne…….

PS:: This post is the continuation of ‘200 Day of Silence’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here.




6th Nov 2009

It was her Birthday. I wanted to surprise her. So, I just got some candles and arranged it on the 1st floor of my house, in a small room which had lot of shelves. The candles were everywhere. And chosen her favorite song so that it would be romantic. When she came, her face was glowing more than it usually did, fair than usual she had become thin, since she was going to gym. I said “I am not going to compare you with the moon because moon has scars etc is an old line, in one line if I have to describe you I would say you are the most beautiful girl in this planet, in one WORD if I had to say it would be “PURE””. She smiled at me. She said “thanks a lot, this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me, you are the best.” saying this she held my hand and I gave her a silver chain. I hugged her and looked into her eyes. I felt something was wrong. I just knew it.

Amit: Hey! You stil like him don’t you

Jyoti: please its my Birthday and after this beautiful thing why are you at it again?

Amit: if you thought it was beautiful then you wouldn’t be so dull. If you don’t like me just say so.

Jyoti: oh come on, you know I loved it please don’t be angry. That anger doesn’t go well with your face,

Amit: okay m sorry too. By the way I have got us tickets for tomorrow. Morning movie then afternoon rain tree then at night a really nice play.

Jyoti: m sorry Amit I can’t make it. I told you a cousin of mine is getting married. I need to go home.

Amit: Go day after tomorrow Na, please stay for tomorrow I made all the arrangements.

Jyoti: sorry dr cant. I skipped today cos I know I have the best guy in the world.

Amit: please please tomorrow please.

Jyoti: sorry pleaase understand.

Amit: so you like ur cousin more than me? Fine!!

Jyoti: oh come on you know that’s not true

Amit: then stay and prove it

Jyoti: stop it, now

Amit: why should I? You don’t like me anymore.


Jyoti: That’s it I cannot take any more of your ignorance. This is no longer a relationship. It’s always about you and you just seem to be interested about yourself. It’s as if you never wanted me here. And it’s me who is always pushing things and taking initiatives to keep this relationship healthy. That’s it, I quit, FOR GOOD!

Amit: Fine I am not dying for you, one day you will die for me and then you will know.


PS: This post is the continuation of ‘FLASH BACK’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st & 2nd part can check it out here.



Personal Thought’s


I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so that we can learn to let go, things go wrong so that we appreciate them when they’re right, we believe lies and eventually learn to trust no one but ourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

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200 Days of Silence Part – 1

200 Days of Silence Part – 1

The person once thought of being an egoistic guy now tells himself over and over again that he is nothing without her. Now, he feels like a 4 year old, keeps smiling like a baby and goes out of the way to do anything for her. The one who never paid attention to conversations now leaves aside all his work just to hear her speak. Who smiles and feels great just to hear the excitement in her voice. Who feels her presence even when she’s not around – her voice makes him sooth away all his despair feelings. He is now so dependent on her – for small small things of his life he is dependent on her decisions. He wants to be so much special for her – that he keeps asking himself – Am I the right person for her? These kind of thoughts paralyzes him makes him little insecure when she mentions about her other special friends.

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L0V3 N0TΣ – 5

L0V3 N0TΣ – 5

I’m in love with you; well there is something hides in U thats put a smile in my face. I dreamt of u, last night, being together in our world, holding our hands together, staring at your eyes, still, to find you in my vibes, apart from the dusking sky, so many times, with an utmost passion, and I said, I love you so much, My love!
I always want to be in love and live together with that someone who has something in her!

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L0V3 N0TΣ – 4

L0V3 N0TΣ – 4

It is said that being in love is the most amazing feeling. Being in love makes you smile endlessly – the world looks an amazing place and the joy can be seen right on your face. The only difference here is that you are in love with the most amazing person in the world – who seems to be way too special to you, So special that the you feel inferior to the person leaving aside all your egos and self esteem.

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