The feeling of being with her – makes him feel so special – that he forgets everything in the world. He leaves aside all his work just to spend few seconds with her. He might end up travelling from corners of the world shelling out every penny in his pockets – just to see that smile on her face. He is still unaware of her thoughts for him but he doesn’t cares for him – it doesn’t matters – all that matters is that sweet smile on her face for him. For once when he used to feel jealous of the guys who hit on her and are now with her as friends – she values their friendship despite knowing that the fact that they committed a mistake. His respect for her grows multi-fold and he sees himself fall in love day in day out. He spends the rest of his night glued to his cell phone to hear her sweet voice in his ears which eventually echoes in his mind and heart 24/7 he finds it so difficult to sleep at nights because of all the thoughts keep pouring his mind. As time passes on – he finds himself checking out her pics, finding new ways to tell her that how special she is for him – to bridge the gap of friendship to a relationship – a relationship which is way to special than anything in the world for him.

Well, its a story of a guy who was confused with his life. He didn’t know how to find peace, Well even though he kept running 4m his past which kept hunting him, he was trying to find someone to share his feelings, his thoughts, n his emotions. But in all of his attempts he continuously failed to find 0ne…….

PS:: This post is the continuation of ‘200 Day of Silence’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here.


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