And one day he finally finds some courage to share his feelings with her – how he feels way to special for her and wants to spend the rest of his life time with her. Not considering anything about his past and nothing about the future but just the present state of affairs – his sub conscious warns him though about the consequences he might land up himself but he doesn’t fears anything and goes out and tells her whatever he has in mind. She takes time to understands – but doesn’t reacts the way he expected. Though he is disappointed a little but doesn’t reacts strongly – he sees a light of optimism in her response. The confusion she has been resting over the days – she becomes way too normal with him but he is still unable to gauge the situation. He soon becomes impatient and goes out of the way to woo her. He shows her the concern he has for her, he shows her that he wants to spend more and more time with her. She runs his mind 24/7 even in his dreams – when he is working – he finds it difficult to focus – this is the power of love! Life which was like piece of cake for him couple of days ago now seems way to difficult and complicated with no ray of hope for him.

He counts on his actions – he becomes way too cautious of his actions for her. He doesn’t wants to look too caring at the same time wants to ensure that she is safe and sound. He wants to ensure that she keeps her self-fit and fine but he can’t go out of his way to extend her his help. He knows she has a huge friends circle – he can’t mingle with her friends – to bring into the notice of everyone that there is something cooking up between the two. He feels like messaging her most of the time – just to know what is she upto or does she misses him the way he does her. He doesn’t wants too look like a Chipku. He gets excited when she spends some quality time with him listening to his words and his stories. His expectations for her drops – he expects nothing from her but just a little time from her – just the feeling for him in her thoughts. He just wants her to know that he misses her a lot. He wants to dedicate few romantic songs to her and wishes they could simply listen to those beautiful songs which suddenly mean a lot to him. Her response his not so great for this. Instead he decided to text her the lyrics of all these beautiful songs – she doesn’t even reads them and thinks its just a forward and keeps her cell aside. Poor guy doesn’t even knows how to react.- he is not bothered with this behavior of hers  – for the one you love you are so blind in their charisma – that you simply ignore those negativity about them to shower them with your love.

PS:: This post is the continuation of ‘200 Day of Silence’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here. 


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