But the coming few days will not be so easy for him – as he sneaks in a corner of the dark room to wipe his continuous tears from his eyes. He feels so empty – so shallow about his feelings – the tears which were rolling down his eyes were now dried out. That shitty feeling within him rests for long – he wants to cry out loud but simply cant – instead he just stars thinking what went wrong! He figures out that how anxious he got to spend some time with her to top the list of her priorities. But he forgot to understand its been just few months he knows her and there is great deal of things he needs to know about this girl he is blindly in love with. He analyses that he got way too involved with her thoughts running in his mind. Right from day one he has been thinking about how to win her heart and how to make her feel special and be with her.

His heart is broken but he knows that broken hearts can be mended. He is pretty confident that one days she might just realise that he is really serious for her feelings and desires. He wants to fulfil her every dream and desires. But also be a watchdog in her life without interfering too much in her life.

He knows the key to happiness is not expecting too much from her but still he fails to understand that the love he is been looking for might not be available with her. He is still persistent on his emotional drive. He wants to give her time to figure out if she misses him in the coming few days – to an extent that they might like to spend time together. For this he ensures that he doesn’t bother hers at all with any kind of communication directly between them, He knows its going to be difficult since the time he hanged up on her he has written few messages to her and saved them in his drafts .

Its like a quest for him and he doesn’t knows how to react – he starts to stammer and chuckles during the conversation with her.. She is a great person at heart and he is still willing to go out of his way any day for the love of his life he is now just waiting for the right time.

All he knows that she is way to special for him and he loves her a lot and would do anything to see her happy!

PS:: This post is the continuation of ‘200 Day of Silence’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here.





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