Its been a difficult time for him. He is just getting soaked in the feeling of being away from her. A cold fear of loneliness has grabbed him. The life seems so dull to him and he is completely unaware of her actions. He browses the Internet to see her profile all night thereafter just looking at her picture running his hands on the computer screen right at her face as if touching her cheeks just to tell her how much he cares for her.

It’s been not even a day and he is going nuts – Life seems so tough today for him. So uncertain, so empty and feeling of being lonely suddenly grabbed his mind. He scans through his cell phone number of times just to see if she called… every time the text message buzzes he gets excited to see if its her… but all in vain. Rest of the world is with him people who dint spoke to him over the years called him today – but still he is so depressed. How the day passed by he wonders – it felt as if he was just sitting in one corner of his room and the sun raised and settled. How the evening lights got turned on. He went out in evening to meet some old buddies even in their presence – there was a thought he kept feeling that – yeah there is something missing… terribly missing. He saw her online on the social network site. She was even online on chat – but because of his commitment to her of not to approach her till a week made resisted him to even say a HI. She kept playing some of the online games – he even helped her gain some extra points. It seemed to him as if he was doing his duties but never felt like ignoring her completely. The thought of ignoring her is devastating for him.

PS:: This post is the continuation of ‘200 Day of Silence’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it out here.


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