Her Voice, is all that I could heard now. Sometime I feel like I am getting addicted to her. Days pass by and the nights crawl on, but I couldn’t cease to think about her voice. It’s strange we came to know each others name after a month.…..

Amit: So, what’s your name?

Liza: Hmmm, everyone calls me Liza!, so I think you can call me that.

Amit: Hi Liza, I am Amit, it’s nice meeting you.

Liza: Meeting on the phone, huh? she giggled

I made her laugh, it just made my day.

We have been talking for a month, it’s strange to talk to a stranger, she said.

It’s strange, haa I laughed.

We continued to talk about all the useless things. The calls which were once made twice a week turned into once a day. But I soon started to feel that this was something more. I was getting attached to her. My mind seemed to be possessed by her voice all the time. All I cared was that I talk to her.

Rahul: What are you doing man?

Amit: Huh I was lost in the conversation I just had.

Rahul: Man… why are wasting ur time on this girl, what’s her name nway?

Amit: “Liza!”

Rahul: What? Seriously Liza!! What kind of name is this?

Amit: No, it’s Liza!!

Rahul: Listen to me, don’t be so much attached to this Liza! Or whatever

Amit: I think I like her…..

Rahul: What? You are kidding!!

Amit: No, call it infatuation, call it love, I don’t care.

Rahul: How could you, I mean…. You haven’t even seen her

Amit: So what?

Rahul: So what? So what!! She might be, you know, fat or ugly. Maybe she is married and older than you.

Amit: “I love her.”

Rahul: You are insane, I don’t know what else to say.

But I knew that Rahul won’t understand, nobody will. My heart has spoken for itself that it’s not an illusion and my feelings for her are true. I thought it was time to finally meet her.

That afternoon, I called her again.

Liza: “hello”

Amit: Hey! I hav something to say.

God, I was nervous! I was sweating, my throat was sand dry and my voice stammered. I didn’t remember a time when I was so tensed.

Amit: Well! I was thinking, uh… we have been talking for so long.

Liza: Yes, that’s true.

Amit: Well I was think if we could meet sometime, u know.., for a coffee or something.

For an instant I wished the call disconnects. Sometimes in your life, a two second pause seems to stretch for so long that you start to think maybe your life has come to a halt. But all you need to regain control is a…

Liza: Yes…. When

“Oh God, thank you” I said to myself.

Amit: Great, I will tell you the place and time…..

Liza: Ok, no problem.

We talked for another fifteen minutes, but I sensed, somewhere, that enthusiasm was missing in her. She replied and talked all the time normally but I was so used to her irrepressible voice, that I knew something was up. I refrained myself from asking her, thinking maybe it would become too personal.

To be continued……..

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4 thoughts on “Her Voice Part I

  1. Hey syed,

    I can’t even count after how long am reading your work but let me I still feel the mud I enjoyed on early days of following you…

    rallying to this post!…. I completely how it is being in lice with whom we have not met!!!


    Liked by 1 person

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