The next morning, I was cheerful on the prospect of meeting her. I had my hopes high, trying to dispel the obscure ideas of the last night. I called her at 11 o’ clock.

“Hello” a husky male voice answered the phone.

The voice struck me as a clout. I was so used to her voice, it never occurred to me what would happen if she doesn’t answer the phone.

I gathered my strength,

Amit: Excuse me, but where is Liza, the girl who always answers this phone.

“Sir, I am sorry but she won’t be able available anymore.”

Amit: “Why?” my inners seemed to crunch.

“Sir, she… she…uh, she passed away last night.”

I was numb. My senses seemed to avert from everything. Everything was in slow motion. My face had blanched. My ears were filled with a perpetual ringing. I must be dreaming, it’s just a nightmare, I thought. I started waiting for the dream to end. At any instant, I would wake up and everything would be normal. I would listen to her again, it would help me forget this nightmare. But why does everything seem to be so real? Is this really a dream? I wondered. I do not know for much time I sat there, waiting, waiting for the sun to rise and for the night to end so that I could call her. She had promised to meet me. I have to tell her that I love her, that I want her to be with me, forever. But why am I still dreaming? Why can’t I get up from this formidable sleep?

Rahul: What did you do?

This is all part of the dream, I thought. My own brain was trying to fool me, I chuckled.

Rahul: Jyoti… “she committed suicide, what did you do?”

Jyoti, that name is familiar….. Oh yes, I remembered, Jyoti, my friend.

Rahul: “Are you even listening to me? She took an overdose of sleeping pills, the milkman found the door open today morning. And you are the reason she did this, why didn’t you explain to her? Everyone is here, even the police……”

Jyoti was a nice girl, I thought. But it was not my fault that she loved me. I was already committed to Liza. Soon, we are going to meet and I am going to tell her how I feel about her.

“…..  What has happened to you? Why are you so still?”

Hmmm, I have heard that name. Of course, that was the place where Liza worked. Liza, her voice….

I love her voice.

Jyoti was pretty.

But I know it seems weird to send a letter to you, but I didn’t have the courage to tell you what I am going to say.

I sensed, somewhere, that enthusiasm was missing in her. I knew something was up.

Do you share the same feelings for me?

Does she feel the same about me?

I love you.

Amit: Rahul, I love her.

Everyone here in the office use to calls me Liza,

What’s her name anyway?”


“What? Aargee?”

Liza…. Aargee….. Jyoti…..

I was wrong. The nightmare did not end, it had just started.


NEXT DAY:- A Shocking double suicide took place in the region. A girl, Jyoti committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills, whereas her friend, Amit, took his own life by drinking pesticide. This seems to be a gruesome coincidence as their deaths doesn’t seem to be related. No suicide notes were found in either house.

PS: This post is the continuation of ‘Her Voice’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part & 2nd Part can check it out here.


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  1. Why no new post?? You should keep writing no matter what..your english is so good n u hv lots of creativity..u shud go n speak to sum magazine or paper agency for editing…Keep going don’t stop..Stay inspired..take cre…★★★

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