Afu Diary #02


Dated : 05-12-2015
What the hell – I wondered, as the actor carried his beloved to the bathtub, their eyes locked into each other. It was the first time I had been to a multiplex. Well! That with my 6th date  Afu. Our friendship had travelled a long way from Facebook. Meanwhile, the lovemaking onscreen had become intense, by now the actor’s hand caressing places strictly prohibited to any man. The actress grasped onto his hairs, a wild accent about it. Streams of sweat slithered down my temples as I fought the mental battle of whether to continue staring at the screen and pretend it’s normal, or deviate my attention somehow to prevent any further secretion of testosterone within myself. From the corner of my eye, I kept observing Afu… For she look so beautiful that day… She had her eyes locked onto the screen, a weird smile suppressed up her lips. The eroticism further increased with the couple exploring each others tongue and indulging in some vigorous make outs. They had sworn to drain me to the climax. To be continued….
PS :: Photo Credit Google

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