Afu Diary #04


Dated : 14-12-2015

Well! Today I thought of calling her but her mobile was switch off just thought of wishing her gud luck for her xam….

“Life is a vast ocean and we are a tiny fish. Once you miss the drift and you are thrown miles away from your path…..abandoned….lost. By the time you retrace your path, it’s too late…everything’s changed. You never get that chance….ever! It’s only been a month but it feels like decades. I miss you dear…I miss you so much. There’s not a single moment I don’t regret my decision. Every second there’s this incessant pain inflicting my heart. I wish I could take it back! I wish I could speak to you…but I can’t. That moment is long gone and all that’s left of it is a defeated person, a person who has given up in life”.

“Stagnant in your thoughts, I stare as you go, My heart is all bruised and weeping all alone, Crying in the dark, sobbing in the day, Staggering through life, I might end up someday”

I am sorry my dear.. You were a dream I never wanted to wake up from. Those moments you gave me were the best moments of my life.

PS:: photo Credit :: Google

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