Afu Diary #06


Dated: 16-12-2015

Yesterday I call her up just to make sure she is ok…..

This voice was so familiar… I had heard this voice before and it had a special place in my mind and ears. I would recognize it even after I were dead.

Afu : “hello, is that you?” she asked.
Me : “I’m…” I smiled again, but my heart had a different answer “No, I’m just a broken and shattered version who once was yours.. .” but since heart is a dumb machine… so no one notices what it says, often. It keeps all the pain inside… which heap up with each passing day explosions occur inside it every day but unlike atomic bombs it’s explosions produce sound similar to a feather when falling on the ground – though it’s explosiveness are much more dangerous and they completely destroy even the strongest mechanical human that surrounds this weak, delicate emotion house……well I wish I could tell her this…but ha…ha…

Well!! That day I could now realize how much pain a broken heart can give. I didn’t hear from her since, but every night before I go to my bed, I lock the door of my room as a routine, take out a photograph of us together’, and sleep watching her every night, rolling tear drops on my pillow, and waking up in the morning with first glance at her coupled with a smile… looking at her… just her… and just to say “I Love You” to the one I loved.
PS :: Photo Credit :: Google


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