Afu Diary #07


Dated 17-12-2015

Well! I have no Idea what’s wrong with me… Why can’t I forget her….. Its true that I still love her….but does she feel the same about me?


Sunday (6-12-2015) came a little faster as if even ‘Time’ was interest to know the next part of the story. And… I met her for the second time, she was wearing a black Tee, a tight blue ‘pepe’ jeans in clothing does never attract me… but the way it looked on that fair complexioned girl was something that intrigued me. Further, the way she called my name at first glance was enormously sexy. For a moment, I wondered if life were like that special pack of “TATA SKY” with that “PAUSE” feature in it, I would have paused the current scene forever to keep looking at her, but since life’s no “Jinga Lala”, so, one moment, ‘aur mai apna Dil kho baitha’. This is the thing with girls, if they know you like them, they show up with more such vibrant clothing and spend more time than usual in front of mirrors, just to drill a hole in your crazy heart… To be continued….

PS photo credit :: Google

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