Afu Diary #09


Dated : 20/12/2015

Well! Its official….. She just msz me today after a week and blocked me for gud….😜 I don’t know what’s in her mind but I still miss her😞……

Flashback (06-11-2015)

“Ahhh! It’s 1:30 AM, it’s already too late for me to continue chatting … so I call her up…. N told her that I m signing out! Although she told me ‘good night’ but I still found my heart little ‘not satisfied’ with something. There was something that was missing. And this something, I don’t know why, made me gather little more guts and call her again — “Afu…”

She stopped… as if for that fraction of a second the entire Universe came to a halt. The whole world stopped for us… for me, to say what was in my heart and for her to reciprocate with what was in her heart. She took a long breath…… , and said yes…. I could feel her heart beat and all I had to quench her thirst were those three magical words I was dying to utter someday – “I LOVE YOU…” AND I SAID THAT…

Yes… I said it… and for a minute there was a “mute” symbol on the LCD of my love story – a complete ‘silence’ between two of us. Research says, by the time you finish saying “I Love You” to a girl, about 20,000 cells in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones. I could actually feel this process in my mind, heart and soul after I dared to tell her that I loved her.

To be continued……

PS photo credit :: Google


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