A Lost Conversion #01


Dated 02-09-2012

I met a girl in her 20’s, who just lost her husband in a bike accident within 3 months of her marriage. Well! Now she teaches English and mathematics to 6th grade students.

Her everyday routine was to get up in the morning , make coffee, cook breakfast and lunch at the same time , to take a bath and to have breakfast and get ready to school at 8: 30 am and waits for school bus to pick her at her stopping.

One day, she realizes that her life is so routine and nobody is around her to show love and care. She was beautiful even though she was married. Day after day, she was very upset with her life and worried in loneliness.

One evening , right after came back from school she opened the door of her house and went inside bedroom and throws her handbag at a corner of her room…  She washed her face and wore a loose , comfortable payjama suit and went to the park in the same street where her house was located.
To be continued…..

PS photo credit :: Google


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