A Lost Conversion #02


Dated 03-12-2015

She entered the park and sat on the park bench and watching children playing happily , elderly people chattering with strangers and walking slowly, some youngsters jogging with music on their ears.

I was just passing by….and sat down on the bench. Well! I nevr seen her before in the park….so thought she might be new in our town.

Me :hello! I’m Amit….
she : Hi! I’m Jyoti and I work as a school teacher in a private school
Amit: oh! That’s sounds good. Teacher! We both have one thing in common . Guess what ??
Jyoti: No , I don’t know .
Amit : huh!! We both are Teachers. I m a Art Teacher! saying this I laugh and commenting ” what a coincidence!!”
Jyoti: he..he…he…
Amit: Though you have a spark in your name, your eyes seems sooo sad. There is no life in your eyes.
Jyoti: nodding her head at me
Amit : ok Jyoti ! Let me tell you one basic truth to you.

To be continued…..

PS: This post is the continuation of ‘A Lost Conversion #01’ short story series and those who haven’t read the 1st part can check it here…


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