Afu Diary #10


Dear Afu,

Well there is no secret to you that I love you a lot. If truth be told, I feel that you are the perfect person for me i.e a cute naught girl, if you know what I mean. But I never had the courage to express it to you, hence this letter. You are beautiful, talented and smart. There can be no other girl like you in my life. I love you.
Yours Truly,

5 DEC 2015: Well today I can say it was worth taking a off 4m…… well the most important thing was observing this cute vampire who just got me off guard…. I was simply attracted to her cute smile…. I just wish I had the healing spell to heal her leg wound…. She is sooo cute that I could die for her….well i just wander if she is the same girl I have been talking for the last one month…. Well I guess right!! she have thought I m not the guy she have been talking too…..this days…. Well at last I have found someone who can lead me or I can say someone who can bring the best in me…… I just wish she like my surprise….

PS photo credit :: Google


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