The Suicide Note


Yesterday I came across an article on the net…. about an education institute where 20 students had committed suicide this year…. I wonder why??

Suicide is now becoming an easy option….to end this never ending struggle this is not a story of a Single guy, every day many Young blood are finishing their lives out of depression…

So, it’s a request to our elders to understand their child’s feelings and aims and let them do whatever they want because each child has a different talent and qualities , the only thing is that we have to understand them and motivate them and most importantly they want love and care. So that this inner silence is not able to take another life…..

Dear Amma,

I know you love me and care for me but there is something, I want to tell you for last few months. I will do anything you want, just for your smile because I also love you but there is something I m  missing in life, I feel my life is under the control of dad, I always have a very limited number of friends, i was allowed to make friendship only with those which dad allow me too…

Dad wants me to become a Engineer but he never asked me what I want to do in my life. I have always trying to work hard to secure good marks in exams just for dad and you but I was never happy from inside. I love to do painting and even created some good art piece for you, I wanted to show it to you but yesterday dad burnt all my drawings and painting sheets and warned me to concentrate on my studies.

Mom I don’t know what is happening to me, I want it to say all these things to dad but I couldn’t, my inner silence is killing me, my feelings are burnt inside my heart, all I wanted is to live my life according to my thoughts like an free bird. My silence is killing me slowly and decreasing my concentration on my studies, I am not able to concentrate in my studies. Sorry mom, I think I am going to disappoint you and dad. I don’t want it to happen after my result so I am finishing my life….

My silence is killing me, mom
Love you,
Your son

3 thoughts on “The Suicide Note

  1. I know, it has become a very easy option for children. Which is a sad demise. The elders should be very careful and observant about every action of kids. And the whole approach towards parenting has to change. 😦

    Really sad to know such things happen.

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