Amit n Jyoti Conversation #01


Dated:: 27/01/2016

Jyoti: “So why haven’t you call me?” 😤😤reddened with anger.

Amit: “Give me a break, Jyoti. Why should I call you? You are not my girlfriend” moreover I don’t have balance to call u…..

Jyoti: “how mean…how can u yelled at me like that….n why is it necessary that I should be ur girlfriend to talk…”

Amit: “ok f9 call me if u want to but don’t expect me to call u everyday”

After few hours……

Amit Inner Voice : “No Amit. She hates this kind of reply. You know her well. She just wants to talk with you…. Call her up”

They both went silent….

Amit & Jyoti were good friends, even though they share every single details of their day today’s activities… But the funniest part is they nevr really meet each other in real……. Off-late they often have lot of fights & patch ups…..

To be continued….

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Can’t Wait Nmore

Can’t Wait Nmore

Does anything matter for you……..

Or am I just your past like others….

But you failed to see my pain

Which lies behind a mask

Its not easy to get you out of my mind

Nor easy to push it from my sight

Loneliness, sadness and deep regret

This is the battle I fight everyday

You touched my heart like an innocent soul

And left me with a pain which is hard to cope

But still don’t know why am I wait for a hope

Covering up my pains with many excuses

By facing the world day by day

Trying to ditch my present state

Wanting my emotions to go away


PS Photo Credit :: Google