L0V3 N0TΣ – 9


A feelings inside goes around like a wheel…That no song can describe what i feel…
Random Thoughts

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Finding peace


I hope you have find your happiness,
In someone else’s arms!
No matter if the vision destroys me slowly

I know you deserve more
Than an absentee lover
Waiting to take you home.

Every time I close my eyes….
Your face both beautiful and haunting
Keep hurting my broken heart

I cherish our memories
And wish things could be different
but no matter how much I love you…
I can never change what is…
What was or what has to be

So find your peace
And enjoy your life without me
But do promise you’ll think of me on those still nights…when I cross ur mind
And staring deep into your loving eyes

& let you remember when
you were mine & life was easier
and nothing more need be said.

Hopeless Romantic

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Love UnLove #07


PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…


The next day,

Jyoti decided to dressed in a sari that she knew made the best of her curves, as she  walked into the office. She was thrilled to see the look on Amit’s face as he smiled and said

Amit :: “Hey! Jyoti you look so gorgeous!”

Jyoti :: “Thank you Amit”

Jyoti spent the rest of the day feeling really elated and the whole day passed on a high note. That day she reached home early and cheered the kids up immensely by ordering pizza for dinner. With the elation of being complimented by Amit on her mind she decided that she is going to pay more attention on her looks and what she ate and she join  a fitness program. The only sour note of the evening was when Rahul called to crib about the state of his clothes and informed her that his tour had been extended for another 10 days.

The next morning, Jyoti rose at 5.30 in the morning and started a fitness program of half an hour of brisk walking and few breathing exercises. She decided it was worth the sacrifice of half an hour of her sleep to feel better about herself. Days flew by and she found herself getting more and more infatuated with Amit and he too seemed to be equally enamored of her. The more time she spent with him the more attracted she was to him. Jyoti realized at some level that she was going down a dangerous path but she could not seem to help herself. Soon they were going on innocent little outings like a small shopping trip or for coffee….. Life was going great for Jyoti but…..

To be continued…..
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Need to forget


I can’t forget you
No matter how many times
I tired….to forget….but
U were there looking back at me
Ur beautiful face too tempting to resist Ur smile too wonderful to deny.

Not a day goes by that
You don’t cross my mind.
I have tried to get you out but….
I’m powerless against those stray thoughts
That wander in when my mind is quiet
Or my heart is in need of a smile.

I need to forget you
I need to find someone else’s 
But I can never forget
What  we shared.
Even as this silence push us apart
& time fades those memories
I feel drawn to you
lost in your thoughts

Regards Yours
Hopeless Romantic

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L0V3 N0TΣ – 8


A rose that never fade away….
It’s beauty frozen for eternity….
A rose is just a token of love….
Which can never be broken…..
However love often fails…
But yet rose live on….

Random Thoughts….😝😂😂

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Love UnLove #06


PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…






Meanwhile at the canteen…..

Amit :: “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you something”

Jyoti :: “Nodding…”

Amit :: “Can I call you Jyoti?”

Jyoti :: “Of course you can”

She was delighted with this turn of events and the only blot on the horizon seemed to be that she could spot Riya hurrying towards their table. Soon the three of them were chatting easily. Jyoti could not help but notice that Amit seemed keener to talk to her than to Riya. She put it down to an overactive imagination. But her thoughts were confirmed when Riya commented on the same thing later.

Riya :: “I think Amit is cute, but I don’t think he is into me. In fact he seemed to be talking to you more!”

Jyoti could not help but feel a little hurt. Hearing those words for Riya it seemed to imply that how could a guy as cute as Amit be interested in a mature lady like Jyoti….

Minewhile that evening as she rushed around getting things ready for her husband’s business trip she resolved that she would make more efforts on looking good, at work. She was determined to prove Riya that she could grab the interest of a good looking guy like Amit. For one moment she felt as though she was going down a path that was bound to be dangerous. She shrugged it off thinking what is the harm in looking good……

To be continued…..
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