Amit n Jyoti Conversation #03


PS: This post is the continuation of ‘Amit n Jyoti Conversion’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Jyoti’s Inner Voice :: “Why are you doing this? Call him may be he is running out of money”

Jyoti :: “No, He doesn’t like to spend time with me nowadays why should I call him?

Amit’s Inner Voice :: “Okay” Amit.. Call her now….may be She is very upset now. Don’t let this turn into another big fight……

Amit :: “Why should I go behind her every time, even though she does a mistake?

Amit :: She hasn’t sent a msg or called me…..may be she don’t love me any more

Amit Inner Voice :: “Send her a sorry message. Things will go back to normal.”

Amit :: “Sorry?? What mistake did I do? I’m just going to send her a casual message that’s all”

Amit ::  “Hey, Had dinner?”

Amit Inner Voice :: “You are hopeless”

To be continued….

PS photo credit :: Google


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