Amit n Jyoti Convention #5


Dated :: 17/01/2016

Love, Unloved

Amit :: ‘Hey, I thought you won’t like me’.

Jyoti :: ‘Stop that! Did I say that, I never considered you just like any other friend. I knew the relationship was special and meant something more! Didn’t you realize it?’

Amit :: ‘Then, why didn’t you told me’

Jyoti :: ‘I knew you had plans; I wanted you to be focused. I don’t want you to lose an opportunity, because of me!’

We understood that we had taken special care in not hurting each other, by killing our own intentions. Then, we started to open up ourselves and spoke on issues that we never touched upon. All the impending problems appeared to be solvable and could be managed. The conversation was heavenly and we arrived to final settlement.

Amit :: ‘So, what about your marriage’

Jyoti :: ‘As someone said, when you are truly in Love, all the problems would appear trivial’ ‘I can manage them’,

It’s crime to hurt your loved ones!
Happy Propose Day….

PS photo credit :: Google


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