Love UnLove #01


Jyoti :: This was not supposed to happen to me….

Having a crush when you were 40 was not something that usually happened to a normal women.

Jyoti :: “I am a mother of two and I love my husband, then why do my eyes keep searching for Amit?”

As she gazed longingly at Amit who was sitting across the canteen, she could feel a blush creeping up her face. She was feeling really confused and really embarrassed but somehow she could not seem to control her rampant crush.

Jyoti :: “Thank God! At least he doesn’t know how I feel”

Jyoti knew that at 40 she was hardly the kind off what today’s youth considered “hot”. Like many other, she considered her plump figure to be unappealing and considered her looks below average.

After 17 years of marriage she and her husband Rahul had the kind of relationship that could be best described as comfortable. Being intrinsically shy and insecure she did not expect any compliments from her husband. Moreover with both of them busy with home and careers along with two children in their teens acted as an effective deterrent to any such exchanges. Her daughter Rubi was a moody and defiant 16 year old who treated her with the mix of pity and exasperation that most teens exhibited. Her son Alok who had just turned 14 years was yet to display the typical characteristics of a teenager, a fact for which both Rahul and Jyoti were grateful.

To be continued….

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