Love UnLove #06


PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Meanwhile at the canteen…..

Amit :: “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you something”

Jyoti :: “Nodding…”

Amit :: “Can I call you Jyoti?”

Jyoti :: “Of course you can”

She was delighted with this turn of events and the only blot on the horizon seemed to be that she could spot Riya hurrying towards their table. Soon the three of them were chatting easily. Jyoti could not help but notice that Amit seemed keener to talk to her than to Riya. She put it down to an overactive imagination. But her thoughts were confirmed when Riya commented on the same thing later.

Riya :: “I think Amit is cute, but I don’t think he is into me. In fact he seemed to be talking to you more!”

Jyoti could not help but feel a little hurt. Hearing those words for Riya it seemed to imply that how could a guy as cute as Amit be interested in a mature lady like Jyoti….

Minewhile that evening as she rushed around getting things ready for her husband’s business trip she resolved that she would make more efforts on looking good, at work. She was determined to prove Riya that she could grab the interest of a good looking guy like Amit. For one moment she felt as though she was going down a path that was bound to be dangerous. She shrugged it off thinking what is the harm in looking good……

To be continued…..
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