College Wala Love #03


PS: This post is the continuation of College Wala Love ‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

College Wala Love #01

College Wala Love #02

Dated :: 19-09-2015

I couldn’t get Jyoti out of my mind. From the very moment I saw her at the café, I can’t think about anything else. I just come so close to her. Ahhhh I could have asked her out for a coffee. The café was just few steps away. But I didn’t……

Few minutes later……

Amit logged into his Facebook account and ignored all the request, message, notification and scrolled down blankly.

He clicked on the search bar, and type


Amit :: Why haven’t I even add her in my Facebook. All I did in the college was look at her, give occasional smiles, and listen to her conversations with her friends. We had a lot of mutual friends. And even hung out together in groups, but why haven’t we spoke to each other.

Amit :: (cursing himself) ‘Worst love story ever!’ ‘We even had lunch together. She spoke to everyone except me. She has all my friends in her friends list, except me. What the Hell!’

Gazing at her profile picture, Amit eyes drifted to her profile information.

Author of College wala Love.
To be continued….

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May be……

May be……

May be I think too much

About what I don’t hav,

About things I’m not been able to achieve.

May be I need to ask myself

If I am doing with my life

Exactly what I want to,

Or am I doing what I was born to?

I often wonder if I’m seen by others for who I am,

But! Not for who I have to be?

Ahhhhhhh…….Why is here a lot of

Should of, would of and could of

Thoughts running around in my mind?

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Life is all about enjoy every second, every moment of it. Just like I have something or someone precious in my life, and I know he or she might leave me, so why to cry and stop them all the time, we should enjoy their company, we should be happy. 😇 well! When they leave us then they should remember our smiling face not the sad one, haina? – 🐝

PS thanks for the piece of advice Firefly hehehe…..

Shillong Diary #04


PS This post is the continuation of ‘Shillong Diary series’ and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Dated : 23-10-2015.

Well it took us 40 min. to reach the Music fest……. I was literally shocked to see such a huge crowd of people. She went over to the counter and got a ticket. Browsing through the pages, she made a mental note of the Band’s she wanted to see. As she was entering the fest and her eyes wandered through the crowd….. It was at that time she sensed that I was following her. She turned back and gave me an angry stare. I felt embarrassed and turned towards the crowd as if searching for someone. But she kept her hands on her hips and asked me…..

She :: What do you want?

Me :: Nothing….

She :: Are you following me right from the bus stop?

Me :: No! I wasn’t following you. I have also come to this fest. See i got tickets tooo…..

She :: “Is it? Don’t try to make me a fool. I have been noticing you. You kept on looking at me.”

Me :: So, you noticed me? Then what made you stop…. Or is it u like being admired by someone……

To be continued….

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Amit n Jyoti Conversion #06


Dated :: 24/03/2016

Amit :: hey! Good Morning…..

Jyoti :: Umm Morning….n Happy Holi🎉

Amit :: thanku dear…. What u doing?

Jyoti :: Nothing…. Just helped mom with cleaning the room….

Amit :: So….u r not playing Holi today…

Jyoti :: well! I played yesterday…so may be letr…. What about you….

Amit :: I m not playing Holi …..

Jyoti :: why?

Amit :: well! I have nobody to play with…

Jyoti :: it’s not an excuse… When was the last time u played Holi….

Amit :: well! the last time I played was in the year 2012 (final yr of my college days)

Jyoti :: ohhh……so you are missing your college days….

Amit :: may be …I guess yes….
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To be continued…..