PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

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Two weeks later….

On the day of Rahul’s return from his trip, Jyoti found herself mix with feelings. Even though the kids were excited but Jyoti was confused. She knew she loved her husband but she felt that they had no warmth or romance in their relationship. As her husband Rahul walked in she could see that he was really tired but it irritated her when he plonked his bag on the couch and demanded to know what was on for dinner.

She felt as though her husband did not value her at all or even notice that she had starting dressing up better. With a tight lipped look she went about unpacking his bag and serving him dinner. Once dinner was finished the kids went back to their rooms and she found herself studying her husband. He seemed oblivious to her presence and seemed more focused on the TV. After half an hour she got up to prepare for bed.

Jyoti :: “I am going to go to sleep. I have to get up at 5.30 to go for a walk.”

Rahul :: “Since when did you start going for a walk? It’s good you know, but you won’t get any younger but you can lose some weight.” saying that Rahul turning back to the news program he was watching.

Hearing those words from her husband Jyoti walked towards the bedroom and slammed the door with force.

Jyoti :: “He doesn’t even notice what I look like nowadays. All he wants is for me to take care of him and his children. Lose weight indeed! Has he taken a look at his own potbelly? Look at Amit, he looks good and always tell me I look good.”  (muttered under her breath as she changed into her nightgown.)

Even, Jyoti knew she was stepping into treacherous territory but could not stop making comparisons.

A few days passed with Jyoti managing to live two different lives; fun with Amit at office and drudgery at home. Since nothing was said and they had strictly remained friends Jyoti did not feel any guilt though an occasional pang of conscience would hit her. Once in a while she would see a hint of something in Amit’s eyes which indicated that he was falling for her and Jyoti had mixed feelings regarding this. Rahul still remained in his own world without any regard to the changes taking place in his wife.

But things took a dramatic turn when Rahul along with a few colleagues decided to take a break while returning from meeting clients at a popular mall. All of them went to the food court and ordered some snacks and drinks and sat down. Suddenly…..

To be continued…..
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