Love UnLove #09


PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

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Meanwhile, at the mall….

Ritom (Rahul colleague) :: “Hey! Look isn’t that Jyoti?

Rahul :: (looking around) yeah she is….

Ritom :: Has she lost weight? She is looking so good!

Rahul :: (He was amazed that he had not noticed the glow on her face or the fact that she dressed with more care these days.)

Ritom :: Who is that other guy with her?

As he watched her two things stuck Rahul; he had not seen Jyoti laugh like that in quite a while and that the young man with her was very handsome and seem totally besotted with Jyoti.. It was a major shock to him. Here he was, middle aged and boring and there she was with a handsome young fellow who seemed to make her laugh. All he did was demand that she take care of him, his home and the kids. No wonder she did not even like to talk with him….

Now, he realized that he had been too self absorbed and had become one of those boring husbands who focused on work and TV. When they were newly married he had promised himself that he would never let that happen and that he would be an admirable husband. And what had happened? He had let the mundane take over his marriage and there it was rotting away right before his eyes.

Not that he suspected that Jyoti was being unfaithful to him. He knew his wife, she had too much integrity to do anything like that. It was just that somebody else other than him was able to make her smile and feel beautiful. As Rahul was reflecting on his marriage…..

To be continued….
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