College Wala Love #02


PS: This post is the continuation of College Wala Love ‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Dated :: 15-07-2015

Jyoti House…..

Riya was waiting for her at the doorstep by the time Jyoti reached home. Riya was carrying a letter in her hands and her face clearly told that there was something exciting going on.

Riya :: ‘Guess what? My café is ready and I’m opening it day after tomorrow!’

Jyoti :: WoW… congratulations (surprise and they shared a brief hug)

Riya :: ‘I want you to be there with me. Managing’, she added….

Jyoti :: ‘Managing?’ well ‘I was planning on contacting ‘Youth Times’ if they can take me as their writer/editor’, she added, looking at her friend apologetically….

Riya :: ‘Come on, you can work at the café in parallel. You don’t write all the day, right?’ Riya pleaded.  

Jyoti :: okk….(smiled and agreed)

Riya :: ‘Thanks a lot, darling! Hey I will call you later, then. I’ve got to distribute the invitations tooo’

Saying so, Riya left……

To be continued…..

PS photo credit :: Google


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