Shillong Diary #01


Dated:: 23-10-2015

Life was soo wonderful this days….I wish I could live this days again and again…..Well I just got my Shillong Weekender ticket (music festival) n I m good to go….

It was 5 at the morning…n we had to take a bus for Guwahati in order to reach Shillong….

Time :: 10:30, Guwahati
As I got off from my bus I saw a gorgeous elegant girl. Plugging her headphones onto her ears, she swayed her head gently to the music being played. She had a kind of aura around her which could easily attract people. I felt the magnetic attraction to her. And she was also waiting for a bus to arrive while I kept admiring her. She had left her hair loose which was an added advantage to her beauty….. Her long dangling earrings showed that she loved stylish & ethnic accessories. Wearing a simple blue top and black jeansΒ she looked like a typical Shillong Girl. She had carefully selected her sandals which matched her attire perfectly. On the whole, she was fair and beautiful. And I just could not take my eyes off her…

To be continued…..


22 thoughts on “Shillong Diary #01

    1. Ahhh….I’m so glad to hear that it brought back those Shillong memories of urs! Well! The fest really awesome…. The food, the people, the music…. It’s was Simple great….. Manan.Β πŸ™‚Β πŸ™‚

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