My Life…………..

My Life…………..

What do i want from life,
It’s a mystery;
I am trying to be someone else,
And end up losing myself;
Why do i care about those,
Who don’t give a damn;
My heart is breaking me,
Lost and alone in my thoughts,
I’m in search of me;
My brain is putting a fight;
I won’t say Life has been cruel to me;
Nor would i say that i don’ t care;
After all these years darkness seems to be my only friend,
But to search for light,
I won’t even dare!

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Simple Things

Simple Things

How is it that each & every time!

My life seems on the verge of break down,

You make everything better with the simple things

& put a smile on my face without a sound?

Not even all the riches of the world

Would help me make it through a day

But just a minute with you,

& my world seems to be ok

A gaze of your heavenly eyes,

& a voice from your erotic lips

All those things helps me through one more day

& makes my life seems worth while!!

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College Wala Love #08


PS: This post is the continuation of College Wala Love ‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

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Librarian :: “Hey! You two….talking so much – don’t you get it its a Library”

Amit :: “Well mam we were discussing about Science and Commerce”

Librarian :: “I know what you guys are up to….you Management Student and She a Bio tech… all you guys do here is flirt in the Library.”

Jyoti :: “Excuse me, how can you say that I was flirting with him! If that’s the case I’m sitting somewhere else”

Saying that Jyoti piled up all the books and left to the other corner of the library.

Amit :: “Thank you mam”  (thanku for screwing my only chance to interact with such a beautiful girl in the college.)

Well! I didn’t even got the opportunity to introduce myself. I kept looking at her for a while then kept the book back in the cabinet and made a move out crossing her table just to see if she notices. But all was in vain she was so engrossed in reading the stuff. She don’t even notice me…..this was the first and the last time I saw her in the library….even though I got her info from my friends but we hardly talk to each other… Or may be …..

To be continued…..

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Words #02


I look back at all the memories we’ve shared, I regret taking all of them for granted, for those are the memories that I hold close to me now. And I know that now you have probably forgotten me and all that you recognize is a vast memory of who I used to be, but please know this : I will always and forever keep you close to my heart whenever and wherever I might be…..#Unknown

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Shillong Diary #07


PS This post is the continuation of ‘Shillong Diary series’ and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Dated : 23-10-2015.

3 ::55pm

Amit :: “Well! Technical speaking techno does have poetry in it….but the main point is it helps me focus on my work”

Jyoti :: “Ok…this sounds pretty interesting…. I would surely give it a try”

Meanwhile, I opened my Facebook account and was browsing through it….

Jyoti :: “Talk something. I am bored. What are you browsing in your mobile?”

Amit :: “Ahhhh…..Facebook.”

Jyoti :: “Don’t use Facebook so often. You kind of, get addicted to it.”

Amit :: “I am already addicted…”

Just then Jyoti’s mobile rang. I could see the display which was showing “Mom”. She signalled me to keep quiet and attended the call.
Jyoti :: “Hey mom……..”

She moved further away from me. Once again, I started admiring her. I don’t know why but I had this strange kind of feelings that….. I was deeply enchanted by her. I was gradually giving away my heart to her.

Suddenly, I saw something magical….. she adjusting her hair by catching it between her fingers and shoved it behind her ear. It was at that moment I fell in love with her! I could easily say that it was love. I had been in a relationship which ended rather badly. So, I could say how being in love felt. The moment I laid my eyes on her in the bus stand, I could say that there was a magical link between us. But now, I realised it……..

To be continued…..

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The Vow


I simply cun’t describe what’s was running inside my mind the very moment I saw u….. I was stuck 4 a while. N followed  you without your knowledge…..

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