Shillong Diary #05


PS This post is the continuation of ‘Shillong Diary series’ and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Dated : 23-10-2015.

She :: “What nooo! I was just waiting for the right chance to catch you.”

Me :: “Oh! Then why are you still standing? Come on, pounce on me.”😉

She :: “See! I didn’t want anybody to accompany me. So… Please, leave me”

Me :: “Hey, ok ok. Calm down. But I feel bored walking alone”😢

She :: “Hey! Look at that girl over there. Why don’t you join her?”

Me :: “Naa….I don’t think I could talk to her. But I feel some strange power attracting me to you. I think we should give it a try and be friends. Atleast for today.”

She gave a slight smile. I think she liked my approach. So, she nodded back at me and called me to join her. I was on cloud nine. I could not control my happiness. Walking beside a pretty girl gives the best feeling in the world. I thanked God for this opportunity.

Me :: “Amit …..And you?”

To be continued…..
PS photo credit :: Google


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