College Wala Love #04


PS: This post is the continuation of College Wala Love ‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

College Wala Love #01

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College Wala Love #03

Amit :: What! She is a writer…..

Amit was shocked. He had heard a lot about her writings in college, but never knew, she was a writer too. He scrolled down the wall, hoping to find anything interesting. He knew he was hoping against hope, but the word Author roused his curiosity. What if! Blood rushed profusely in his veins. He could hear his heart pounding. His mind swung out of his control. His fingers slipped carelessly over the touchpad as he scrolled down.

-an article tagged in with Riya

Wow….Darling! – Riya.

It wasn’t the comment or the tag that struck his heart. It was the hope that started rising in his heart. No way! Without another thought, he opened the article. He read each and every word of it with utmost concentration. He could feel his pulse vibrating. His entire body was shaking with excitement.

‘Your favorite lines in the story?’ – The reporter asked. The reply drew a sharp sigh of relief but a shock for Amit……..
To be completed…..

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    1. Ahhhh thanku so much for ur word’s of encouragement Rose…… I m so glad that you love my work…. Well! Sorry I was too…busy this last few weeks couldn’t update any of my post….nways cheers n have a great weekend ahead….😘

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