Society we live in…..


Everything is getting expensive day by day and we are bound to work harder all the time to afford a simple live in this society……Yesterday I played my role by casting my vote…in order to create a Government, but does this Government really care about the people, politicians are becoming greedy, Humanity is not on track and the environment is having enough. Well! Is this the live we always dream of…..I guess, it is more or less like a never ending state of worry.” The rich are getting richer making them live like kings and queens as they speak. This is what I’m trying to speak there is a greater imbalance between the rich and poor and this imbalance is eventually destroying the society.

Well! Literally speaking we are those unfortunate once….who are being abused, robbed, and sacrifice in order to run this society. This is what many theorists refer to as the myth of capitalism. It is a bloody trap.

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17 thoughts on “Society we live in…..

    1. Yes! It’s is …..well today are living in a mechanical society where we don’t have TM to observe if the society is leading us to the right path or not…. We seems to cover our eyes with the ideology which the society feed us…..

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      1. I couldn’t agree more with you! I feel as though they are distracting us and feeding us with lies through the media in order to maintain the “social structure”.

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      2. Well! U may be right….. But the thing is the society or the media is run or funded by corporation or government….even though we know the government is feeding us lies we just keep our eyes close and believe in whatever the politicians says….in short we r just puppets in the hands of the society, media n politicians….

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    1. Yes! Indeed….. In today’s world the very elements for our survival like (water, oil, food etc) are control by big corporate houses or govt. organisations…well! There is no fresh water in the stream nor food’s on any trees….

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  1. Alot of evils exist…that’s true. But I personally feel that listing out the negatives or crying about all that’s going wrong wouldnt bring out any +ves either. Something what each one of is required to do is to stop the blame game and nurture an indomitable desire to grow, to break out off the evil chains and give it all that is takes to rise in life. What could be the worst? To start at level zero? Right? But what comes hard stays hard…more to inspire..more to take pride on….Its all about the perception. Everyone is gifted and everyone has got a control on one’s own life which eventually leaves imprints on alot of other lives as well…so press the right buttons and welcome the winner within! :))

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    1. Will! Indeed……but I don’t think so it’s that easy either, see in India we want a chance but lack behind to change ourselves…. See we hate govt. Hospital… School but we want a govt. Job….see we don’t want politicians but we just need a leader…. see in India govt. spend Rs 43,000/- daily on a criminal… where else the same govt. Fail to provide the basic needs of a bpl family…. Well! We feel proud to call ourselves the largest democracy in the world… But still the common people are deprived from their rights….well! Nways thanks for letting me know ur point of view on the issue…..

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      1. Its all about the opinion and I absolutely respect yours. But I believe the world is in an urgent need of some positivity. So even the worst of the problems seem controllable and Defeatable with a positive string of words attached to it. And its not fooling others in anyway, as with the right attitude and a strong will power and determination nothing is impossible, really! India is no short of such names- Dhirubhai Ambani who started from nowhere, a boy from a lower middle class family and ends up recreating the global corporate world with RELIANCE corporation, Narayan Murthy who started with a small sum of savings- Rs 10000 and how he has transformed the indian IT industry with INFOSYS, generating employment for masses is out and open, Indra Nooyi who used to toil during the night shifts to pay for her college studies and today CEO of PepsiCo and ranks as the 12th highest paid woman in Corporate America, Shahrukh Khan who stepped into his struggle in mumbai with just Rs 1500 in his wallet and today- the King of Bollywood ruling over millions of hearts..These are just a few drops of the ocean…..Its about rising against all odds! If one truly wants one will! :))

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      2. Ok….indeed they are great people, they hav accomplish something remarkable in their field…. But my question is can we consider them as someone who can lead us I guess no they may be good businessman, actor, but they can’t lead a nation…. Well! We need politicians like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, scientists like Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Businessman like Ratan Tata…. 😊

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  2. Why not be the change yourself, the needed change in our system, let it start with you my dear friend, why not contest an election and start the positive change. As such you’re a very good influencer, you can and you will make a difference. All the best.

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    1. Indeed! It’s a good idea…..but I guess it’s not an easy task too… Contesting in an elections n bringing about a chance…. Is not something that can be done simple like that….my friend… well! There are few things we surely can do to bring about a chance is by discussing, talking, telling and creating awareness among the youngsters about the current political situation of our country…

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  3. It is great to know that our India is sprinkled with determinant youngsters who badly in need of a CHANGE, a change for a good cause!
    Well, this is exactly my thought too.
    Educating a child on social outgoings and the formation of Government is as vital as teaching them the value of money. It is totally void of blaming our Democratic country because it alone does not need a change, but a country as a whole! Yeah,WHOLE! We, you, I, the next generation everybody needs a change in perceiving things. Because it is not about an individual. It is about the sum of individuals. I can wish for a change. Even You can too!
    But that alone can’t create a real change until everyone gives a equal part.
    There is a famous quote ” The straight trees are cut first than the curved ones” which is the current scenario. How many dare to face against the injustice? How many dare to face against outlaw?! It ends up only in finite numbers!
    Because we have a life, we have someone behind us, we have the crave for living! Yes, I’m one in it! I never feel shame to say that because there are many wild dogs still roam without having seen the bars of jail atleast once in a lifetime!
    I’m a withered Indian who still waits for a miracle to happen in our country because I alone can’t do anything!
    (Sorry for writing this much long! Your writing brought all the controlled nerves out of the skin! )
    Excellent writing ! Very happy to know our country is filled with patriotic youngsters, thinkers, doers above all creative writers!


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