Why do I think too much?


“We often choose to free our thought by getting attached to thing, we love the most”

This is the question I often ask myself….. Why do I love thinking? Trying to find and understand the nature of our existence is what I do for a living. I have develop the quality of thoughts even if they often cause me a great deal of suffering. I even tried to enhance my thoughts by reading and writing religiously.

Well! I often wonder how m I supposed to live without thoughts when thought is the one thing that makes me feel civilized?

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24 thoughts on “Why do I think too much?

      1. Ahhhh….it’s feel so great when someone appreciate ur work… N that too from a prominent writer….. Well! Indeed I much say it’s always a joyful ride going through ur blog…… God bless….. 😋

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    1. Well! I guess I got my answer….. “It’s our minds that causes us to think so much & it’s our thoughts that can set us free” nways thanks for dropping by….it was great having you in my place…. Keep in touch… \m/ 😝😊

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  1. “Thinking too much” is also a thought. It’s the function of your brain to think. God gave us a brain. Sometimes it helps us, sometimes not. To find a balance means, to use the thinking straight for that, what I want, not for interpret things in a way, that feel’s bad (- what dosn’t means to gloss over something). It only means: stay with yourself, don’t try to get people compensating all your needs, shit happens, be mercyful with yourself, love yourself (- you do it as best as you can), God loves you either way.

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    1. Ahhhh… Thanku so much 4 the words of encouragement!
      STRONGLY AGREE with ur well defined words of expression \m/ nways thanks for dropping by……do keep in touch… Cheers😜


    1. Ummm….even I have those types of thoughts…. Thought’s which I can’t share…..sometm it makes me feel I don’t belong here…or shouldn’t feel that way….but deep inside I really love those feelings…. Well! Sometm I wish I could share this with someone… But….hahaha

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