At this point of life I often ask myself:

Why do I feel bad about thing that’s normal in this world we live in? I ofen feeling bad about the society we live in or the laws that we are force to abide by. What’s the point I really had no idea about? Well! I should make myself understand that this things are nothing but a part of this world….. just like blood in our body. Feeling awkward for a job is a big part of what it means to have a job in today’s world! Well I m pretty much sure that all of these jobs come along with a fair amount of awkwardness. But, those lucky guys who have found a job, which is without any feelings of awkwardness, are lucky only because they have successfully escaped from the slavery-like-qualities that are an acceptable, normal and consensual part of today’s wage earning world.

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2 thoughts on “Job in Todays World

  1. It’s important to have an opinion on what you perceive. Your thoughts are valid and can bring change if you write about something unjust. Your writings touch people — even the silly and/or romantic writings you create. Your voice is very important!

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