PS: This post is the continuation of College Wala Love ‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

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College Wala Love #06

Amit :: “hey…. let me help you!”

Jyoti :: “Thank You”

Amit :: “Do you spend ur whole nights in the library?”(Looking at the books)

Jyoti :: “Excuse Me!”

Amit :: “I mean look at all these books, I guess the one I picked up is the smallest among all you are carrying!”

Jyoti :: “Well, I am from Bio tech, and we have to keep our-self updated with the latest technical revolutions and – there are marks for classroom participation you know right?”

Amit :: “Umm, but I hardly understood anything you said about Bio tech. Nways… let me help you with ur books, so that you don’t bang someone else”

Jyoti :: “Ok….. if you insist, hold this ones for me”

Amit :: “Ohhh….God! how can you read such heavy books!”

Jyoti :: “Well I guess you must be a Commerce guy”

Amit :: “Hello! What do you mean by that haaa?”

Jyoti :: “Nothing, since you guys never carried books I thought U guys nevr like spending quality time studying”

But, Before Amit could answer the librarian came there……..

To be Continued…..

PS Photo Credit :: Googled




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